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Maria Stanley

Maria Stanley Beanie | earth dyed

Maria Stanley Beanie | earth dyed

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A brushed and slouchy fit, double layered for extra warmth.

Knit from a luxe 74% Suri Alpaca, 22% Merino Wool, 4% Polyamide yarn.
Suri Alpaca is one of two breeds of the Alpaca (the other is Huacaya). Less than 10% of the 3.7 million Alpacas on Earth are Suri. Suri Alpacas produce a fiber as soft as cashmere, with the luster of silk. Merino Wool comes from the coats of Merino Sheep. It is much finer than regular wool, and often confused with cashmere.

Naturally dyed using Carmine + Tara. Made by artisans in Lima, Peru.

CARE: Green dry clean. Use a sweater stone to maintain the brushed texture.

One size fits most. 
Measurements laying flat:
ONE SIZE | Length | 11 1/2", Opening | 11"

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