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Pastel Palette: 10" & 14" - 100% Beeswax Dipped Candles

Pastel Palette: 10" & 14" - 100% Beeswax Dipped Candles

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Available in a variety of scents and colors, these dipped beeswax candles bring elegance to any home or tablescape. Each candlestick has been handcrafted with care in Pacific Grove, California, and has been dipped over 25 times.

Two length options: 10 inches & 14 inches sold in pairs.
Ingredients: 100% beeswax from the USA, cotton wick, plant-based coloring

Why we love beeswax:

  1. When burned, beeswax candles emit negative ions that purify the air making it the cleanest burning wax available.
  2. When you purchase beeswax products, you are supporting the bee farmers who colonize and encourage bee reproduction.
  3. Beeswax naturally smells like honey and wildflowers!

Burn Instructions:

• Trim the wick to 1⁄4” length before lighting.

• Burn time is about 1 hour per 1 inch.

• Keep candles away from wind and drafts.

• To avoid drips, it is best to use a snuffer to put out the flame rather than blowing it out. 

• To secure the candle to a holder, hold the candle base to a flame and let a couple drops of beeswax fall into the holder, then hold the candle firmly in the holder upright until wax dries.


• Always burn within sight.

• Keep away from combustibles.

• Keep away from pets and children.

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