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ONLINE ONLY - Shed Textile Paradiso Scarf

ONLINE ONLY - Shed Textile Paradiso Scarf

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The Paradiso Collection embodies the spirit of the isle of Capri – a land of effortless beauty, with dolomite cliffs plunging into deep blue water, magical grottos and the sweet scent of bougainvillea. It is a world interwoven with contradictions, at once luxurious and bohemian, elegant and whimsical.

The Paradiso Collection is handwoven using traditional techniques in linen and organic cotton.

Scarf Dimensions

21” x 70”

Scarves are linen+cotton blend unless otherwise noted.

Machine wash delicate cycle.


Our intricate patterns and deep textures are not improvisations. Rather, they come about through careful consideration and single-minded focus. To weave cloth entirely by hand, as we do, one thread after another, is a serious and often solitary business. It helps to have a sense of humor, to laugh easily, and to know how to appreciate a good yarn.

As for the design process, Shed Textile Company focuses on the art of hand weaving. All of the fibers used in our pieces are hand-sourced locally from farmers, spinners, shearers, dyers, makers, tradesmen and the countless regional fiber festivals that dot the countryside every year. Each artisanal design is created by hand — beginning with the initial stages of fiber selection to hand warping and dressing the loom — and is then woven on traditional wooden floor looms.

Our carefully curated small batch collections are meant to bring a touch of modern luxury to your home — adding warmth, texture, form, depth and character to any space.

Proudly handwoven in New York State.



“To the layperson, making cloth by hand seems like a romantic proposition. While it’s hard to debunk centuries of myth, a visitor to Shed Textile’s studio might be tempted to give it a try. For starters, the average weaver is not at her loom all day. Unlike the wan creatures in Victorian picture books, Stephanie Pinerio, who founded Shed Textile in 2017, takes breaks to eat and drink and source wool from neighboring Cotswold sheep farmers. When working, she prefers calf-length shifts and bare feet over floor-length gowns and Rapunzel-like slippers. (She doubts that any weaver, past or present, ever went to work in the latter costume.)”
excerpt from “A Pattern Life” North Fork Real Estate Showcase


Shed Textile Company is the work of textile designer Stephanie Pinerio. Stephanie’s love of fabrics stems from her years as an undergrad at Parsons School of Design, although she ultimately pursued a career in advertising that lasted two decades. In 2012, she decided to enroll in a textile design class at the Fashion Institute of Technology, a move that inspired her to pursue a new line of work designing wallcoverings, drapery and upholstery fabrics. It was from within the home design industry that she launched her own handwoven product line — Shed Textile Co.

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