Bobo Choses: The Joy of Bright, Bold, and Sustainable Clothing

Bobo Choses: The Joy of Bright, Bold, and Sustainable Clothing

"We were all children once. That’s why everybody can relate to our DNA: play, curiosity, innocence, nonsense, creativity, imagination, and a sense of humour!" ~ Adriana Esperalba, Founder

Bobo Choses captures the essence of a childhood summer: bright, colorful, playful, bold, and imaginative. At Mind Offline, we are delighted and honored to sell the one-of-a-kind creations designed and produced by Founder/Creative Director, Adriana Esperalba and her team.

Based in an old toy factory on the Spanish coast, the brand’s commitment to create high quality, sustainable clothing for both kids and adults is at the core of their mission. Each Bobo Choses collection tells an inspiring story of its own. These stories come to life through vibrant colors and patterns on comfortable, timeless garments.



This summer's collection, Living in a Shell, pays homage to the brand’s seaside roots. In the words of the brand, “...we prefer the sea over the city. We make the world a gentler place. We live inside our shells. Our shyness is a character trait, not a flaw.” These garments have a vintage look and a soft touch — plus, each garment has different tone variations that make them special due to their dyeing process.

Now celebrating fifteen years in business, Bobo Choses has globally expanded so children and parents around the world can enjoy their unique clothing and accessories. Their team is always innovating to improve the sustainability of their production processes. They prioritize creating environmentally friendly products by using materials that have a low impact on both nature and human health. 

Bobo Choses even has an entire permanent collection made with recycled, upcycled, and natural materials from previous seasons’ prints and patterns. Their dedication to upleveling their sustainability practices and reducing waste is nothing short of inspiring. We hope you enjoy wearing this brand as much as we do.

"We are kids stuck inside adults; acting seriously funny and caring for the world and everything that is part of it. At Bobo Choses we love to have fun!" ~ Adriana Esperalba, Founder

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