About Mind Offline


Mind Offline's (MO) mission is to reconnect people with their innate drive to create, and to the undeniable joy that comes from developing one's analog faculties. 

In a world where false stimuli surround us—influencing our priorities, our use of time, thoughts and even our moods—we are here to help you navigate back offline. In doing so, we trust you will find a meaningful, persistent connection to the physical world around you and will discover a purpose that goes beyond what you've become accustomed to in the digital world.

While going offline in the traditional sense may not seem challenging as you can easily head out for a walk or pick up a good book, our focus is specifically on the producer part of us as humans. It is the active creator state of mind that is sustainable, lasting and can fuel a lifelong passion or even livelihood for some.

An increasing amount of scientific research asserts that lack of productive, tactile engagement can fuel feelings of anxiety, depression, dementia, low self-esteem and various physical ailments from high blood pressure to auto-immune diseases. Engaging in physical, innovative activities from knitting and gardening to printmaking and woodwork, can dramatically improve troubling symptoms from anxious conditions like OCD and PTSD and from spectrum disorders.

Our commitment to using local, natural, cherish-worthy materials is core to our mission as the higher quality the experience, the more rewarding the process. 

Our Producer Nature
The producer part of our human nature originally kept us alive and able to thrive by compelling us to build tools and shelters, develop textiles, forage, till soil and more by working with materials found in nature to make utilitarian devices.

Our Creator Nature 
The complex human brain evolved further to reward us with a deep satisfaction and sense of pride when we successfully produced for ourselves, our families and our communities. This 'reward' system still exists today as many craftspeople will tell you about the contentment experienced as they look back at the results of their work. It is a great sense of calm and happiness that ultimately drives us to again repeat the creative process. Furthermore, our brains are wired to provide true joy in the process itself—that magical period from ideation to completion as we zone out and immerse ourselves in tangible, often repetitive methodologies. Our problem-solving and abstract reasoning addresses challenges and ensures that each project can be even more engaging than the last.

Artisans at Our Core
Traditionally, societal structures valued and rewarded the most imaginative makers who were able to improve upon previous designs, finely blending form and function. In fact, artistry was a prized part of society well before we celebrated it in the modern sense.

Our Work
Mind Offline delivers its mission in a variety of ways:

  • Artisanal Stewardship
  • Mind Offline Starter Kits
  • Marketplace for Makers
  • Education and Events (virtual, for now)
  • Material Sourcing and Grants
  • Scholarships (coming 2021)