About Mind Offline


Our Story

It all started in 2020, nestled in the heart of Sag Harbor, Mind Offline was born out of a lifelong love of crafting, fashion and a desire to reconnect people with their innate drive to create. Inspired by her own passion for knitting, ceramics, and other creative pastimes, founder, Nicole Delma, brings to life a curated space of stylish clothing, accessories and home complemented with craft products and events that inspires a joyful, yet calming platform for creative living. 

“People walk into our Mind Offline shop and fall in love with a hand knit sweater, a handcrafted pillow or a vintage dress dyed with local vegetables. Many discover their inner artist. Our online store is an extension of this space.”   - Nicole Delma, Founder

Our Mission 

We bring creativity to your everyday lives. 

In this digital age of distractions, Mind Offline's mission is to help discover your inner artistic  self, whether it's through expressing your personal style, the objects you create or living in the present moment.  

We source locally, as well as nationally creating and curating goods that are made from, natural, high quality and cherish-worthy materials.  

Through our workshops, we believe in the cathartic simplicity of crafting to rediscover a meaningful connection to the world around you. Research shows that engaging in hands-on activities from knitting and gardening to printmaking and woodwork, can improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other conditions. We want to offer an environment where it’s possible to explore crafting as an antidote to our fast-paced lives.  

Don’t have time to join our workshops? We offer a selection of craft kits, as well as a marketplace of stylish finished goods, many handmade that are mindfully curated for you. SHOP CREATOR KITS