Finding Joyful Presence in Creativity and Nature

Finding Joyful Presence in Creativity and Nature

Reflections on the benefits experts attribute to a creative lifestyle. 


When spring is in the air, there is a palpable wave of creative energy that comes along with it. Spring is an opportunity for a fresh start — a season of rebirth and renewal but also patience and simplicity — mirroring our creative process as humans.

We hope you enjoy some of our musings on creativity, joy, nature, and presence during this magical time of year. The science behind our primal spring-time yearning for more creative expression and immersion in nature is nothing short of divine orchestration. 


Creativity breeds connection. As human beings, we crave connection. After being in hibernation and “hermit mode” for winter, it makes sense why we are eager to come out of hiding in the spring to reconnect and share our creations with each other. 

Whenever we do something creative, we also reconnect to our inner being. Our sole focus on the creative task at hand becomes meditative. Plus, the tactile experience of an activity like crafting is far more beneficial than the dopamine hits from scrolling on social media or bingeing a Netflix series. Handling materials in the creation process even helps to regulate our mental states through providing a means to reach flow states.

Whether you’re diving into a knitting project, dyeing textiles, making pottery, experimenting with oil paints, planting a garden, or trying a new recipe — there are endless ways to naturally boost your mood and savor the moments that make life worth living. 


Mother nature is often a rejuvenating remedy for a tired mind. The joy of watching your environment reawaken and come to life adds a whole new level of healing power. Technically we shouldn’t need a warm day or blooming flowers to enjoy the peace of nature — but it sure does help. 

The magic of spring is irresistible to us all. Plus, giving our brains’ executive processes the chance to rest, cleanse, and recharge in a calming outdoor space is a powerful practice. Nature is a universally available resource with profound psychological benefits. 

At the root of it, being outside energizes us because it inspires us to be fully present. Sometimes we just need the reminder that happiness is a moment-by-moment choice. Nature makes it easier to choose joy in its presence.

Final Thoughts

As humans, we're happiest when engaged in simple, hands-on, screen-free activities, yet the average American spends 7 hours and 4 minutes looking at screens daily. The mental health benefits of crafting — or any kind of screen-free creative endeavor — are truly self-evident.

The science of being happy leads us back to daily practices that are healthy, inexpensive, and soul-nourishing. It’s time to get back to the basics and take action on what we inherently know: creativity brings joy and nature heals.

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