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Hammies Gingham Bikini Top

Hammies Gingham Bikini Top

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The Hammies Bikini is based on one of the original bikini styles from the 1960s. It combines elements from a couple of our favorite vintage finds. The body and rick rack are made with 15% stretch to accommodate bodies of all shapes and sizes. 

The Gingham Bikini is available as separates (top and bottom) and it's reversible! The Gingham Bikini can be worn with gingham print or solid color facing out, or mix-and-matched. 

The Gingham Bikini is our latest and greatest of many pieces that celebrate the exuberant and underappreciated styles from 1950-60s swim style. 

  • 🌱 85% polyester, 15% elastic
  • 🤸‍♀️ Sporty fit, leisurely look
  • 💎 Reversible (gingham print on one side, solid color on the other), contrast rick rack
  • ✨ 1960s-inspired cut

The Hammies bikini is available in 3 sizes that span sizes 24-34 in the shorts.

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