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Hammies Kids Short

Hammies Kids Short

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The Hammies short is an old short for a new generation. This short style was popularized in the 1970s in Southern California and for a decade it was the staple of skateboarders, surfers, rollerskaters, camp counselors, Tom Selleck, and many more. In the mid-1980s, shorts got longer and pants got baggier and for the proceeding 3 decades, the shorts were forgotten (a period also known as The Shorts Dark Ages). Fast-forward to 2017: Hammies has revived the once forgotten shorts in all of their primary-colored and wide-waled corduroy glory and once again, all was right with the world.

In short, the Hammies short is a homage to a time when shorts were shorter, fuzzier, and more colorful. Now your little one can be as stylish as you used to be in the 70-80s 😸

  • 🌱 Stretch corduroy (98% cotton, 2% elastic)
  • 📏 3" inseam
  • 🤸‍♂️ Elastic waist
  • 💎 Copper snap

The Hammies short sizing is based on US pants sizing (size 22 means 22-inch waist). Generally, size 20 fits ages 3-6, size 22 fits 6-9, and size 24 fits 9-12. If you don't know your little one's waist size, measure the waist of their favorite shorts or pants in inches and multiply that by 2 (11" across x 2 = 22"). If they're in between sizes, we suggest sizing down.

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