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Make It Slow

Hand-turned Miniature Dried Flower Vase - Cedar

Hand-turned Miniature Dried Flower Vase - Cedar

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Individually designed, hand-turned and crafted to last, these one-of-a-kind hardwood vases hand made by Make It Slow for Mind Offline are a beautiful rustic, yet modern addition to any home or the perfect neutral gift. Each vase is made by hand, intentionally for our community to have and hold for a lifetime.

Details from Make It Slow
This particular miniature round vase (Batch 1, Vase 03) is made of sustainably sourced cedar hardwood. Cedar has a beautiful aromatic scent to it which we do not mask when finishing. We responsibly harvested the wood ourselves. This piece is approximately 5 inches tall. CARE: coated with a linseed and beeswax finish The vase should be re-oiled within a year to keep it's sheen. Customers can use any cutting board oil.

* Not watertight - please do not use these for fresh flowers with water. 

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